Improving our education system begins with improving how we treat those we trust to educate our young people. In the Legislature, I’ll work to ensure that our teachers are paid adequately and fairly and that more money is invested in our classrooms.


For our small business owners, students, educators, job seekers and more, having high-speed internet access is an absolute necessity. I will fight to expand broadband in our district and help close the digital divide that often overlooks communities like ours.


We need to invest heavily to ensure quality and affordable healthcare is available in District 4. We should also strengthen Indian Health Services to ensure our Native American communities have the best access to care possible.

Supporting Our Veterans

How we treat our veterans speaks volumes about our priorities, our shared sense of duty, and our respect for the men and women who defend our freedoms. In the State House, I will work to ensure that veterans have robust access to the services they deserve, including affordable housing and quality healthcare they can count on.

Defending Our Community

As an active member of the Navajo Nation, improving the lives of those in our Native American communities is my single most important priority. I will work in the State House to strengthen the AMBER Alert system in the Navajo Nation and make sure the REAL ID Act does not unfairly target our community.

Bringing People Together

In spite of the disheartening nature of political discourse in our country today, I will work each and every day to bring people together. Because when legislators work together to solve our state’s problems—and not against each other to score cheap political points—real progress can be made.