Meet Anthony

Husband. Father. Grandfather.

Anthony Allison is a committed husband, loving father, and grandfather of six, and a retired electrician working to bring transparency and accountability to the New Mexico House of Representatives.   

Troubled by the realization that the Navajo Nation was operating under outdated election laws—and were being disenfranchised as a result—he founded the Navajo Voters Coalition, an organization committed to improving voting conditions in the District, and empowering his fellow citizens with the insight and information they needed to elect leaders who shared their values. 

As a legislator, Anthony is focused on the needs of our district. He is a strong advocate for the infrastructure investments we need to improve our roads and expand our electric and water systems. He has fought, and will continue to fight to improve our schools and vocational training programs, and ensure that our communities can access health care services.

A Progressive Unifier

Anthony knows that no single person can solve all of the problems impacting the lives of in District 4. But he believes that the best policies are created when elected officials collaborate and educate one another about what matters most to their constituents. The people of District 4 need someone who isn’t looking to score cheap political points, but is willing to work toward building consensus and enacting solutions that increase opportunities for everyone.

Proud Community Member

Anthony is proud to be a public servant, not just another politician. As an active member of the community, he knows that improving our education system, improving our economy, and supporting those in our Native American community will help to expand opportunities for everyone living in District 4.  As a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives, his philosophy is to “educate, collaborate, re-educate, and then, legislate.”