• I’m a public servant. Not a politician.

    My name is Anthony Allison and I am proud to be your representative and your voice in the Santa Fe. I will never stop fighting for the priorities of citizens in our district. Together, we’ll build a better future for our families. I believe the best ideas come from committed public servants who share ideas and values with each other. That’s why my approach is to work with anyone who has an open mind, a willing heart, and the courage to make a positive change for the people of District 4. I’m asking for your support—and your vote—in 2020.

  • Request your ballot for the 2020 election today!

    The 2020 election will be held on November 3rd.
    Voters can also vote early in-person starting on October 6th or safely vote from home by mail with the absentee ballot. Click here to request your ballot online today.

    To learn more about voting in 2020, click here, or email me at campaign@anthony4nm.com.

  • Education

    Improving our education system begins with improving how we treat those we trust to educate our young people. In the Legislature, I’ll work to ensure that our teachers are paid adequately and fairly and that more money is invested in our classrooms.

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    For our small business owners, students, educators, job seekers and more, having high-speed internet access is an absolute necessity. I will fight to expand broadband in our district and help close the digital divide that often overlooks communities like ours.

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    We need to invest heavily to ensure quality and affordable healthcare is available in District 4. We should also strengthen Indian Health Services to ensure our Native American communities have the best access to care possible.

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    Join Anthony in creating a better future for all of New Mexico